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Animation Services FAQ

Do you have some questions to be answered about our services? These frequently asked questions about animation services will sure help you.

What are the other services do you offer?

  • Animations
  • Motion Graphics
  • E-learning Solutions
  • Corporate Presentations
  • 3D Services
  • 2D Services

What is the difference between 2D and 3D models?

In short, a 2D image is a two-dimensional image and a 3D one is a three-dimensional image. A 2D image is flat with just X and Y axis, which displays only from the angle, unlike a 3D image.

What kind of payment choices are available?

Typically, we charge 50% of the service cost in advance and the rest after completion. End-product will be delivered only when the total amount is received.

What formats can you deliver my animation clip?

We created an animated file/s will be delivered to you in High Definition (HD) format. We also offer HD480 format to make it easy for upload/download or view the file over the internet.

How much time does it typically takes to complete a project?

The time period of the project depends on the various aspects such as the kind of the project, size of the video and its complexity. But we promise you a faster delivery when compared with the competitors as we believe ‘Time is Money’.

What is Storyboard and how it is useful?

In brief, a storyboard is nothing but a sequence of multiple drawings that represents the shots prepared for video production. It is the vital part of the pre-production as it conveys how the story will flow and shots work together.

What is rendering and how long does it normally takes for a video clip?

It is a process of adding color, shade, and lamination in order to make life-like images on a screen for 2D or 3D wireframe. Rendering times majorly depends on the length of the video clip. Longer the duration, higher the rendering time period.

How do you handle long-distance client’s project?

As we are living in a global village, you can order wherever you are and get services done within no time. You can make phone calls (voice/video), suggest changes or can give insights.

How secure your service when it comes to data security?

We understand the importance of data security – so we take all major security precautions to offer maximum confidentiality regarding sensitive data. We are proud to inform that since our inception, we are named as synonymous for reliability from clients.

Do you offer any revisions after the product is delivered?

Yes, if hypothetically any such event will occur where a revision is needed as we deliver the end-product that you dreamt of.

What is the difference between Motion Graphics and Animation?

Though most of the people interchange the words Motion Graphics and Animation for the same use, there exists a thin line between them. In brief, motion graphics is typically 2D graphics, whereas Animation is creating a moving subject.

Why should I choose your services?

We offer effective services at an affordable price range and don’t outsource projects to others. So you can get up to date project status and quick responses to queries.

Can I have revisions?

Yes! We do. One free revision will be offered before finalizing but charge from the second revision.

Do you outsource your creative staff?

Shrisansa Anim Studio does not outsource any our creative staff. Any work will be completed by our in house full-time crew.